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About our Founder

SIMONE SIMPSON, founder and CEO of Meditation Rising is a Transformational Meditation Coach and is lovingly called the meditation angel. Simone began her meditation training at Self Realization Fellowship (SRF) over 15-years ago and where she has served in several roles.


Simone is an initiated Kriyaban which is a sacred ancient yogic practice that was passed from saint to saint and priest to priest for millennia. Yearly, Simone spends time at a silent ashram deepening her practice. She also serves at Mother Center during the World Convocation at SRF in Los Angeles where practiced meditators come from all over the world to learn from monks and nuns each year. Simone was elected to lead the Sunday meditation and chant service at Self Realization Fellowship and later established the Sunday school. Simone was part of a kirtan group and attended weekly 6-hour meditations and a weekly deep study of the Bhagavad Gita. This was during 'seven years of silence' where Simone dedicated her life to deepening her meditation practice.


Simone is currently pursuing her Master of Arts degree in Comparative Religion. She has maintained a daily meditation practice for almost 20-years and can often be heard telling friends, "Meditation is my everything."  

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