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Choose your plan

  • Rising Subscription

    Every year
    Perfect for beginners looking for weekly live meditations.
    • Morning and Evening Recorded Meditations
    • Weekly Live-Guided Meditations
    • Meditation Guidance and Instruction
    • Question and Answer Forum
    • Bonus Meditation Content Added Monthly!
    • "Streaming for your Soul."
    • Start your easy, daily meditation practice today!
    • Form the habit of daily meditation.
    • Support from the Meditation Rising community.
  • Group Class

    Every month
    30-Day Meditation Group Class
    • Thurs, Fri, Sat 30-minute Live-Guided Meditations
    • Meditation Group Class
    • 30-Day Program
    • Get the inspiration and support of group guided meditations.
    • 12PDT, 3EDT, 9pm Madrid SpainGMT+1, Thurs 11amPDT, 2pmEDT
  • Meditation Coaching

    Every month
    Get the individual attention you deserve.
    • Private 1:1 Meditation Coaching 5 times every week
    • Sun, Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs 30-minute Live-Guided Meditations
    • Friday and Saturday 30-minute Meditation Videos
    • 30-Day Individual Meditation Coaching Project
    • Includes Access to the Rising Subscription
  • Private Meditation

    Every month
    • One 30-min Live-guided meditation and coaching every month
    • One on One meditation coaching.
    • Personalized Instruction and Coaching
    • Private Meditation Coach
    • Monthly subscription inspires you to stay on track!
    • Includes the weekly Live-Guided Group Meditation
    • Access to the Morning and Evening Meditations
    • Includes access the the Rising Subscription
  • Golden Conversations

    An anonymous conversation. When you need someone to listen.
    Valid for one week
    • 1-hour of conversation, when you need to talk.
    • An anonymous conversation.
    • Sometimes you need a friend.
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